pySecurityCenter 2.1.x Released

I’m proud to announce the general availability for pySecurityCenter version 2.1.x accessible from PyPI immediately. pySC 2.1 supports connectivity to SecurityCenter 5, which leverages a completely new RESTful API. Because of this, the pySC SecurityCenter 5 support will be an evolving process. Whats implemented today will not be changing, however many of the convenience functions that pySecurityCenter has for SecurityCenter 4.x have not been coded into the SC5 module, as enumeration for the API is still active. »

New site using Hugo

While I love Pelican, I reached a point where I use a variety of different machines (including a couple of Windows devices). Getting pelican working was always a pain and I never got it working right on windows, and always ended up having to use virtual-envs for Mac and Linux so not to pollute my python site packages. In general I eventually reached a point where it was time to move on to something a bit more portable. »